Hey Guys!

My name is Kyle J. Berube. But most people call me Kyle Jay for short. I am 18 years old, but my birthday is on April 8th, so you might be reading this when I am 19 or 20 or however old! I hail from the land of New York, but by New York i mean Long Island not Times Square. Still I do frequent that area, because I love Broadway shows. I’ve been a huge fan of them since I was about 10 years old and I sang danced and acted in them since I was that age. It’s one of my true passions in it. I have a minor in it at High Point University where I major in Communications, with a focus in journalism.

919 WSHR

91.9 WSHR FM Logo

The whole journalism thing came from being involved with a fm radio station that was put out by my high school, 91.9 FM WSHR (if you are ever on Long Island and want to listen to commercial free radio GO THERE) (sorry for the self promotion!). This is what sparked my interest in reporting and journalism as a whole. As a freshman in college I am saying I want a career in broadcasting journalism, either TV or Radio, but I am sure that by the time I graduate it will change around 5 million times or so.

I am also really into things like music, fashion, movies, books, and intellectual thought. I love, though do not always agree with, the ideas of many great thinkers of the world. With that in mind I leave you with this quote from Sophocles:

Always desire to learn something useful.


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