Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

I am finally all settled in to my home on Long Island, having merely shoved all of my clothes back into the closet, i plan on hanging them later (Who am I kidding, I ain’t folding that stuff). My room is exactly as I left it, but it feels slightly different.


Its probably because I called Belk 201C my home for the time I was away. I also called 202 Belk my home as well, I spent enough nights on a pink chair to claim squatters rights. The time i spent in those 2 homes helped me to grow far more as a person than I ever did in my real home. I grew in innumerable ways. I matured so much, yet learned when to let loose when I needed too. I can now say that I am an adult, given the countless experiences I encountered in that room. I handled roommate issues, relationship issues, professional issues, and personality issues. I learned that not everyone is going to like each other, and that is okay, you don’t have to fight as long as you respect each other. I learned you don’t necessarily need alcohol to have fun, although it doesn’t hurt!

I had so much fun in this singular year of college. From themed parties,

Imageto movie weekends,


to road trips,


to just getting a little too drunk,


I had the time of my life. So thank you Melia for teaching me that you can be smart and have fun, Summer for teaching me that it is not what you look like but who you are as a person that truly matters, Callie for teaching me that as long as you do what you love it won’t ever be work and that as long as you are truthful in everything you will be the best kind of person, Whitney for teaching me that no matter how random you may be it is all about the way you look at life, Sara for teaching me that no matter where you are from there are paved roads and that even the most unsuspecting locales are probably the best, Christina for teaching me that sometimes the best gifts come from the smallest of packages, Olivia for teaching me that no matter what your situation is you have to make the best out of it, and Kelly for teaching me that life is best if you take everything as it comes to you one day at a time. Even the guys of my suite taught me so much, showers are best, being a whore doesn’t always work best, live life with no shame, always keep things upfront no matter how mean it may appear at first, it’s great to have pride in where you are from and what your past is, even though you don’t always agree with others if you handle things maturely it will always work out, and you don’t need to be the hottest drunkest or craziest in order live a happy life (I thank my roommate for the last one).

So as I look forward to another amazing year at High Point University, I leave you with this quote from Anonymous

It’s not about how you spend your time, it’s about who you are and who you spend your time with that is key.

P.S. Sorry about the Mac ‘n’ Cheese on your bed Olivia, sorry about stealing all your vodka Because Winn-Dixie (you seem like a nice girl), and sorry for writing on everything ever Callie and Whitney.


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