Theatre Review: The Marvelous Wonderettes at CM

Creative Ministries Performing Arts Center, commonly known as CMPAC or CM, in Oakdale Long Island has been running a production of the Marvelous Wonderettes. The musical tells the story of second choice girl singing group performing at their schools senior prom, and then at their 10 year reunion. Each one of the girls fills a typical high school stereotype: the ditz, the flirt, the outcast, and the popular girl. Interspersed between classic songs of the era, like Mr. Sandman or Stupid Cupid or Lollipop, you get glimpses into what is really going on within the girl group and you see all their issues. The first act ends as the audience votes one of the Wonderettes prom queen.

Act two focuses on the 10 year reunion, and seeing where all of the girls are now. The group is now pregnant, engaged, widowed, or on the road to divorce. It’s here where they realize the true ever lasting bonds of friendship. They realize they will always have the support of each other, no matter what happens.

It is an all around cute production. The 4 actresses all had powerhouse voices and equally comedic talents but were able to tone it down when necessary. The story it’s self was not perfect and had numerous flaws. But the familiarity of the songs made it all okay and bearable. There were some sound issues, but those can be expected with a non-profit organization like CM. The live orchestra was refreshing but often overpowered the easy voices of the performers.

All in all it is a very cute production that is light hearted and highlights 50’s standards. Keep an eye out for CM’s upcoming productions of La Cage Aux Folles and 9 to 5 coming later this summer. Click here for more details.


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