The Way I See It

The Way I See It

Believe It or Not

Posted on April 5, 2012 to

On April 4th, I had the pleasure of attending a question and answer interview with Republican Congressman Howard Coble, of the 6th district of North Carolina. He holds the record, in the state of North Carolina, as the longest Republican to hold office like this. He has served the district since 1985. He told us that he was around 80 years old, and doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon. With such age like that, he had boundless knowledge and an encompassing speaking voice. The questions that were asked covered a countless basis, from the environment to the state of our economy, to the presidential race, and even the issue of gay marriage and equality.

Towards the very end of the event a girl asked what the Congressman’s view point was on North Carolina’s Senate Bill 514, The Defense of Marriage Bill. If passed, the state constitution would be ratified to state that, “Marriage between one man and one woman, is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.” When asked about it, Coble went on the record to state that he is in support of it and would sign the bill.  The girl continued to ask why he would support this bill. He responded relating it to his beliefs on life. She continued to ask why he felt that way, as if his beliefs were not valid. She refused to accept the fact that his answer would suffice.

Let me now just state, that I am fervent supporter of the equal rights movement. I think no person deserves to be treated as a secondary citizen, not given the same rights as everyone else. Leviticus, in the Bible, says that you should not shave/cut your hair, you cannot wear clothes made from more than one type of fabric, cattle cannot graze with other cattle, and if someone has an affair they are supposed to be burnt to death. So if we do not follow any of these, then why should we follow the verse against men laying with other men. Selectivity like that is both unfair, stubborn, and immoral. But that is not the issue here.

The issue is more or less that the girl was unwilling to accept his opinion. Opinions are by nature, ones own beliefs thoughts, and ideas materialized. It is specific to each individual person, based upon how they were raised and their environment. No persons beliefs are the same between one person and the next. It is unfair to assume that your beliefs are concrete and factual. The things I stated in the previous paragraph are all mine and my only opinons. There is and will always be disagreements among the political parties, that is what they are essentially there for. But to stand there as a liberal and tell a conservative that all he believes is wrong. Especially since it is a more liberal group of people that tout their ideals about a freedom of speech. If they are telling someone that what they believe is wrong, then they are encroaching upon those very freedoms.

So basically what I am here to say is that there should be a level of decorum and respect within the political fields. People are more than welcome to disagree with another person, but they should be respectful of that persons opinion. A little bit of politeness will solve numerous problems that our government has to deal with today. At least, that’s the way I see it.

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