HEY YOU! Yeah I am Talking To You.

The guy who doesn’t know what to wear, or the girl whose boyfriend has no fashion sense. You who think you are just a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. It is okay you can be helped. You want to wear something that looks effortless, yet fashionable. All the while, you still want to wear some really comfortable clothing. I mean as a busy man you don’t want to spend all day running from store to store, or going from online shop to online shop. So you need that one really good place to find it all. Also, how does one know that it is made in America? Well do I have the answer for you!

Head over to Nationalist Magazine and their blogs to find out what that quality product is. I will be posting weekly on their blog about men’s American-made fashion. I am going to follow some thread (get it? thread?) through all of the different types of clothing that men come across, so that even the non-fashionista men can learn all of the basics. So click to the link below and read up!

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