Sleep No More Par Deux

Okay so it has been about a week and a half since my second Sleep No More visit. Unlike many people, where if you don’t catalogue your experience immediately you forget it, I prefer to think about it for a while and dissect the little nuisances of the things that I saw. This took me a while because my second stay at the McKittrick Hotel was a rather fruitful one. I had the immense pleasure of going with a decade old friend and some of her new friends whom I have never met before. I don’t plan on going into much detail, because I think my night is a very personal experience, but there will be light to moderate spoilers ahead so WATCH OUT!

 The evening started out frantically making sure all of the first time friends of a friend found their way into the Manderley Bar. I rode up in the elevator with one of them, and got to watch him off onto the sixth floor. I have never been on the sixth floor, and I am a HUGE fan of Rebecca, so I was a tiny bit bitter that he wasn’t me. But in all actuality I was so happy that he got to start his first Sleep No More experience with such a bang. I spent some quality time following the Taxidermist’s track. I got to have a chilling experience with him in the Funeral Parlor. I followed around Hecate the witch getting to see her choke on the ring, which she gave me, and I got to comfort her and help her through her rendition of Is That All There Is. Probably one of the most discomforting experiences of my life watching the most powerful person in the hotel breakdown. She parted ways with me leaving me with a kiss on the cheek, a ring, and her tissue. I followed the maid, Catherine Campbell, as she poisoned Lady Macduff. I witnessed the semi-homo-erotic telephone booth dance between the bellhop and someone else. I parted that to watch Campbell and someone do a dance with an unhinged door, throwing it around like a rag doll. I disappeared with Campbell to have her force poisoned milk to me, all the while I listened to the sounds of the ocean and looked through the sheer negligee of one late Rebecca DeWinter. I was thrown out once she realized that I had the kiss of Hecate on me. I found my way to the home of one Agnes DeWinter where she told about her dreams of Manderley and gave me a locket for protection. She locked me in her Narnia-esque wardrobe before kissing me on the cheek and abandoning me to the darkness, quietness, and furriness that is a wardrobe. I finally found my way towards the grand finale, and if I do say so it went swing-ingly. The bald witch brought me to the end before telling me that, “The 3rd Time is the charm.” She kissed me goodbye and disappeared behind the red curtains of the Manderley Bar.

I will obviously take the bald witches final prophecy and return a third time. I am just putting the finishing touches on the decorations on my mask, it’s very reflective  Until then I will just have to dream of Manderley and Sleep No More’s enchanting rooms.Image


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