2012 in Music

So here I am drawing at the end of another amazing year for music. What is the best way to do this one might ask? By counting down the top 10 albums of the year. This is no set list by the almighty music Gods, it is completely personal.

1. Born to Die – Lana del Rey

Her debut album was released in January and it garnered her quite a lot ofmedia attention. It spiraled her to fame, including a much talked about SNL performance, and a modeling campaign with H&M. It peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 200 charts helping to solidify it as a bonafide hit. The November release of her Paradise Edition EP helped solidify her as one of the pop queens of 2012.


2. Channel Orange – Frank Ocean

The July debut album of rapper Frank Ocean debuted at Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 200chart and it’s success only skyrocketed from there. Having helped to redefine the genre of Hip Hop the member of Odd Future established himself a solo career with his sultry lyrics about a wide range of topics including bisexuality.




3.)Electra Heart – Marina And The Diamonds

Released in April of 2012 this is the second studio album for Marina Dimandis and her band. It received muddled reviews from critics, but has picked up a cult following. Many find its broad claims and ideas about American culture to be insightful why both lyrically and rhythmically catchy.


4.) Fantasea – Azealia Banks

The July Mixtape released by the Femme Fatale rapper, was immensely successful, considering she hasn’t even released an album at all yet (one is expected out next year). She released her EP entitled 1991, earlier this year but this mixtape is what brought her to the attention and love of critics. In short time she will be a certified hit, this mix tape is just the beginning.


5.) Night Visions – Imagine Dragons

Released in September of this year, the rock band is best known for their songs appearing in the background of movie previews like The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the video game Assassins Creed III. The album issues in a revival of a classic style of rock that isn’t seen too much these days. For that I, along with the masses, love it.


6.) Push And Shove – No Doubt

Released in September of 2012, Push and Shove signified a return of No Doubt. After having gone on a 10 year hiatus they returned with as much drive and fervor as so long ago. There sound seemingly has not changed at all, and that works perfectly for them. Their infectious ska beats are what we loved about them in the 90’s and will continue to love about them well into the future.


7.) The Truth About Love – P!nk

People can say whatever they want about P!nk but to this I can now respond with her 2012 Billboard Music Award Performance of her second single “Try.” Past that she has many of her loud ‘i hate men’ anthems that we all love her for so much. On top of this there are guests on the album ranging from Eminem to Nate Reuss(of Fun.) who help to diversify and round out the album as yet another one of her hit makers.


8.) Unapologetic – Rihanna

The seventh studio album from pop superstar Rihanna came as no surprise to us this November. Shooting straight to Number 1 on the Billboard charts solidified that she is someone who is not to be messed with. It is far edgier than some of her albums like Loud, but nestles in perfectly right among Talk That Talk and Rated R. While not even being a month released, and still only on the first single it has a momentum to it that will carry it soaring through 2013 to Grammy stardom.


9.) Up All Night – One Direction

Okay, I’ll admit it, I love One Direction. And between you and me, I will place money that one of their songs off of their album has been stuck in your head or sung in your shower. All of their songs are down right infectious. Blast them for whatever you want but you cannot not deny that they did not create an album fully of the bubbliest and catchiest music ever.



10.) Some Nights – fun.

This February release dominated the pop charts boasting extremely successful singles that, even now in November, people are still requesting. They haven’t grown old yet and that is the key to their success. It was certified Gold and reached number 3 on the Hot 200 charts. Many artists in the industry all agree that what Fun has done here is monumental, and ya know what so do we.


I feel it would only be fair to give some Honorable Mentions to the following:

Believe (Justin Beiber), Over Exposed (Maroon 5), Kiss (Carly Rae Jepsen), Cruel Summer (GOOD Music), Babel (Mumford And Suns), Born to Die: The Paradise Edition (Lana del Rey), Lotus (Christina Aguilera)


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