2013 Golden Globes: Best and Worst Dressed

With the awards season well underway I figured this past Sunday’s 70th Annual Golden Globes were a perfect place to start reviewing fashion. I will go over my top 5 best and worst dressed celebrities at the ceremonies. All of the photos are curtesy of the wonderful Getty Images.

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Worst Dressed


5.) Kaley Cuoco in Zahair Murad. Credit has to be given for trying to go a bit edgier then her normal bubbly self, but the dress is just not the right color for her skin tone. It, well is her skin tone. Nude is a look that can seldom be done correctly, and it is a general rule of thumb to just stay away from it as a whole.



4.) Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen. It wouldn’t be a saying if there was nothing like the fit of a McQueen gown. That being said a McQueen gown can still be a fashion miss. The golden-jeweled collar, along with the statement shoulder pads, over power her and make her appear dramatically smaller than she really is. She is also so young, she does not need to be wearing such a dark masking black. She has a limited amount of time to take real fashion risks with bold patterns and colors, and she should really live it up while she can!



3.) Lena Dunham in Zac Posen. I have to give the Girls  star a lot of credit. She has a really great taste for evening wear. This dress is a gorgeous color, beautifully constructed, and has the potential to be a best dressed gown. UNFORTUNATELY it will never be a best dressed gown on HER. She has a naturally more athletic build, and is the size of a real woman, which is very relieving in this society. But the dress isn’t made for that, all the intricate lines and sewing work make her seem a lot wider than she really is. The off the shoulder straps give her huge shoulders which is very saddening.



2.) Halle Berry in Atelier Versace. This dress looked gorgeous on the runway, actually one of my favorite pieces from the collection. That being said, on her this is all kinds of wrong. While the one shoulder shows off her great collar bones, the way the pattern is laid it looks like one of her boobs is larger then the other. The little waist gap of skin took the dress from sexy to slutty on her. Finally she is guilty of one of my least favorite poses, the one where you shove your leg all the way out of your slit like Rockette. A slit should elude sexiness, not easy access.



1.) Sienna Miller in Erdem.

I’m pretty confident that this is just all kinds of horrid.  It is boxy, flowery, slightly sheer, and just all kinds of wrong on her. It destroys any form of height or beauty that she has and masks it behind this maybe two piece dress. A gown like this should show just a slight amount of mid riff, and either be hip hugging or free flowing. It looks over starched, but that is besides the point. If she has a stylist, which I hope she does, she should look into finding a new one before the next awards show.




Best Dressed 


5.) Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein. This is her year, and she has started it off right. The dress is simple, yet such a risk with her skin tone and hair color. She pulls it off effortlessly. The center part is a little iffy but it works. I am absolutely infatuated with this.



4.) Naomi Watts in Zac Posen. This is one that I just have to include two shots of. Because it is two completely different gowns, conservative and sultry from the front, revealing and flawless from the back. Coupled with the simple makeup and hair, it shows the real beauty of a Zac Posen creation.


3.) Katherine McPhee in Theysken’s Theory. VA VA VOOM! She was clearly unafraid to pull out all of the stops, a plunging neckline with a high slit. As her musical-comedy Smash reaches new levels of popularity expect nothing but great things from this budding fashion star. She knows how to wear black, and still make it look young.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

2.) Claire Danes in Custom Versace.  I’ll admit it, at first I had this on my worst dressed list. The smokey eyes and the poorly blown out hair do not do it for me. And looking at the gown, it didn’t even look like a Versace piece to me. Then I realized it was a custom piece made specifically for her. It looks amazing on her and its amazing that she got Donatella and the folks at Versace to make her something that isn’t so loudly Versace. I am now obsessed with this look, and will be until probably next year.


1.) TIE! TIE! TIE! Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta & Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney & Chopard. I have to admit I spent far too long debating over which one I liked more. Jessica Alba’s necklace alone is reportedly worth almost $6 million, yet Poehler rocks some pretty flashy jewels as well. One is wearing a drop dead gorgeous gown, and one is showing the power in a simple black pants-suit. Both look effortlessly beautiful, something we expected nothing less than from Alba, and a pleasant surprise from Poehler.



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