Outfit of the Week

Okay so I’m going to start this new kind of thing where I post a new outfit of mine every week. I’ll dissect it’s different pieces, and why I chose them, or just talk about the pieces in general. I’ll make this an every Thursday thing, because well I can. This is largely because I am trying to force myself to dress up more  now, because I am starting to fall into that classic college sweats mode. Its out of sheer laziness, and waking up at 6:30 AM every day.

It’s so tough to dress up a lot, because money is scarce to say the least. Thats why I look to combine more expensive pieces with cheap ones. ANYWHO, click through to see my first outfit that I wore this past Sunday.

I wore this outfit to a quick morning photoshoot for a college fashion website, and then I decided to keep it on through the day wearing it to work. I absolute fell more and more in love with it as the day went on. That’s why I’ve selected it as my inaugural outfit of the week. It is versatile, and serves the potential that can be worn morning, through noon, and into night. I do, though, admit that I look like I belong on Glee., which is highly unfortunate.

I am wearing a Thom Browne blazer, with a H&M button down,  an Alfani tie, and Old Navy khaki pants. Also not in the pictures are a pair of Aldo oxfords, a Forever 21 suspenders, an Express belt, and a Kenneth Cole time piece.


Blazer: I found this at a thrift shop, and I was surprised to find that it was an actual Thom Browne blazer. It’s made out of a navy blue wool, with a patriotic pinstripe lining. It is perfect to wear to an office, but also looks great for dinner and drinks.

Shirt: It’s a solid white, slim for, button down that I got at H&M. I am a huge fan of it because it looks to crisp and clean, very professional. Every guy needs to have multiple shirts like these because they always look great.

Pants: I got them at Old Navy for a business trip, because I was tired of the same tan khakis that everyone has. They are a mix between olive and tan, and I love them. I am now a fervent fan of their khakis, because of these. They were so inexpensive, yet they look so great. You can run around all day long in them, and still look like amazing.

Tie: It’s a solid black skinny tie that is made by Alfani. I am a huge fan of the skinny tie, because it serves a great transition between work and play.

Suspenders & Belt: Made by Forever 21 and Express respectively, they help really complete the outfit of you take the blazer off. The belt is reversible between brown and black so it is a great bargain for it’s more expensive price.


Check back next Thursday for a new outfit of mine! Tell me what you guys think of this one! Yay or nay? Also tell me want to see from me in the future, if you want me to design outfits for specific purposes I will TOTALLY do that(Ie. for a wedding, or to go to a beach party, etc.). Just leave ideas in the comment section below, and I will totally do it! Here is a quote in the mean time:

“You can never be overdressed, or over educated.” – Oscar Wilde


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