2013 Grammy Awards Fashion

While CBS sent out a much ignored requirement regarding the showing of skin at the music awards ceremony, people still played it oddly safe. This singled out those who took risks as bizarre instead of fashionable. I’ve compiled together a list of the 5 best, and worst, fashion looks of the musical evening. The evening as a whole was safe and boring, and that was reflected in the fashions of the night. Click to the next page to see the lists, and the images provided by Getty Images.



5.) Solange Knowles in Ralph & Russo Couture. The younger sister of Beyonce, and famed music DJ, is quite known for her fashion sense. She took quite the step back this awards season, opting for a solid emerald green gown, coupled with very natural hair and makeup. The shoulder pads however do not do the natural look any justice, as with the studded shoes. It’s a case of a confused image, and too-high expectations for the performer, that did not just add up right this time around.


4.) Carly Rae Jepsen in Roberto Cavali. I am not a big fan of the dark metallic black on her, she has too light of skin and dark hair. It makes her look like a vampire, and her borderline anorexic frame is not helping the cause. Her bangs are uneven, and her make up is aging.


3.) Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello. So the big hulla-ba-loo was that CBS sent out a warning to all attendants of the Grammys to not show to much skin. The dress code required artists to appropriately cover behinds, breasts, and anything else risky. The Dance Again singer clearly ignored this rule, bordering Angelina Jolie levels of leg flaunting. However, while everyone else dressed more demurely, she stood out looking like a street corner tramp instead of a fashion maverick. Nothing about this is right, she just looks so dirty.


2.) Adele in Christian Dior Haute Couture. I give her major props from stepping away from her traditional black garb, and stepped up her designer game. Unfortunately the dress is extremely unflattering, and not the right shape for her. The busy floral prints widen her frame, and the awkward length makes her look stumpy. It just doesn’t add up, when everything said that it should. Also her shoes clash at extreme levels.


1.) Kimbra in Jaime Lee Major. Looks like Tinker Bell got hold of some tulle and cotton balls, and then went HAM on her dress. There is absolutely nothing that works right about this, she looks like she belongs in the looney bin. The bodess doesn’t fit right, and the hair is a mess. Her make up is too shinny and the tulle is just taking her over.


Best Dressed

5.) Florence Welch in custom Givenchy. This emerald green gown was custom made by the Florence and the Machine front-woman, in direct works with Riccardo Tisci(Givenchy Creative Director). The clutch, and shoes, were done the same as well. It is sexy, classy, and risky, all while exuding perfection. It is a perfect match to her eyes, which are framed by her tousled hair, and simple make up. She is lightyears ahead of others in the fashion world, and a force to be reckoned with.


4.) Beyoncé in Osman. The Houston, Texas, native has refined the art of making a statement, without even saying anything. This simple pant-suit oozes effortless beauty, without flaunting too much sex. A perfect response to her sex filled Super Bowl performance. Classy and laid-back is the goal here, and it works perfectly.


3.) Katy Perry in Gucci. Now it is no secret, that from whipped cream to cupcakes to mints to fireworks, Katy Perry is not trying to hide her breasts. But what she does is take it down a notch, and bring it towards classy. This mint green gown, with the keyhole that perfectly accentuates her curvaceous bosom, does everything right. When this gown walked the Gucci runway the opening was a lot smaller, but it is more fitting here where it is filled out. This was a smart move for Perry, to done it down a bit, and I only expect the best from her in the future.


2.) Rihanna in Alaia. She has done it again, after her 7th album, she is still continuing to wow the viewers. This is done both with her ever-changing music AND fashion sense. The hair is a great turn for the Diamonds singer, replacing the shaved side that was a part of that edgy look of late. She took everything up a notch with this bright red gown that had as big a presence as she did. She is looking thinner than ever, and is ushering in a brand new era of a mature Rihanna.


1.) Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra. A bold move for the Destiny’s child, turned solo artist. Fresh off her “surprise” appearance at Beyonce’s superbowl halftime show, she is continuing the media frenzy around her in this very revealing gown. The cut out design, with the lace inlay is the right amount of sexy and sultry. The mermaid bottom makes her appear all the curvier. The simple hair, make up, and accessories, round off the look so as to not make it too much. Fantastic job overall to her stylist, whomever it may be. Such a fan!


Some honorable mentions should go to the likes of Carrie Underwood, Jessica Biel, Estelle, Alexa Chung, and Chrissy Teigen. Check back later for more revelries into fashion, as awards season reaches its climax with the Academy Awards.


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