Fashion Review: 2013 Academy Awards

The culmination of all of the awards show mania swept millions of viewers hearts away, just like Argo swept up all of the awards. The Oscars are alway known as the pinnacle of awards season fashion, and rightfully so. Daring risks are taken, and pulled off fantastically, or in some cases flop-tastically. Click through to see my top 5 most, and least, favorite starlets of the night. All photos are provided by Getty Images thankfully.

Worst Dressed 

5.) Nicole Kidman in L’Wren Scott. Okay I have to give her credit because this bedazzled, jeweled, and sequined, gown must have weighed a ton on her. But just like I listed, there is so much going on that it doesn’t work. The Oscars are evening of elegance and class, one should not show up shiny like an oil spill.



4.) Anne Hathaway in Prada. She may have won almost every award she was nominated for, but she has also had enough wardrobe malfunctions to match. The seams that end right on her nipples are something that should have been caught by her stylist, Rachel Zoe. Also, I don’t know if her necklace is being intentionally worn backwards, or if this was just a flub, but either way nothing worked. After having worn stellar couture all awards season long, this left me unsatisfied.  



3.) Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen. The main issue with this dress is that Hayek does not have a long enough neck for the collar, and it is a collar that is so heavy that it just overwhelms her. The monochromatic velvet minimalises her curves, which are something that should be accentuated.



2.) Melissa McCarthy in David Meister. The Bridesmaids star could stand to invest in a stylist, or a better one. The dress is not all flattering on her, it in fact makes her look larger then she really is. There is too much extra fabric bundled up, making her look disproportionate. Finally the windswept and blown-out hair makes her head look large and deformed. Not good. 



1.) Helen Hunt in H&M. I am sorry, but you do not show up to the Oscars in a brand like H&M. Especially when you have dozens offering you money to where their gowns. There are plenty of eco-friendly design houses, that you shouldn’t be sacrificing quality with an H&M gown. On top of that you are wearing over $700,000 worth of jewelry, you shouldn’t be having a designer dud issue.




Best Dressed 

5.) Queen Latifah in Badgley Mischka. She has an understated elegance, that exudes class. A great turn for the star if you ask me, really sets her in as a fashion icon, not just a rapper turned movie star. The white, against her dark skin, makes her look down right angelic.



4.) Halle Berry in Versace. A beautifully constructed gown, with so many subtle details in it. From the shoulder pads, to the plunging cut revealing just the right amount of boob-age.  The vertical lines elongate her, while the horizontal ones emphasize her curves. Versace made a truly beautiful gown that is edgy enough for the Bond-Girl that she is.


3.) Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. It is so perfect that she is the face of Dior’s SS 2013 Handbag collection. It’s because of this that she is clothed by Dior at every awards show. This is no exception, she stuns in this pale pink gown. It fits her perfectly, highlighting her in all the right area. While simple, it also commands presence, just like she does as an actress.


2.) Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab Couture. This slim, curve hugging, gown shows off Bullock’s assets. The detailing of the beading is flawless, and reminiscent of another time. Simple hair, makeup, and accessories, let the dress and the actress wearing it shine. Everything about this works so very well.



1.) Michelle Obama in Naeem Khan. I know I shouldn’t count her because she technically wasn’t there, in fact she appeared via satellite from the Governors Ball.. But she looked absolutely flawless. The gown is the perfect fashion-step forward for her, reminding us that she has impeccable style. Subtle accessorizes let the metallic gown shine on its own.



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