Comical article written about dressing like an Olsen Twin. Something I think everyone can do a little more of in life!

Thought Catalog

To dress like an Olsen twin, you first need three things:

  1. More money than God. Every time you exhale, you make $20,000 dollars. That two minute walk you make to the bodega every morning for an iced coffee? You earn roughly $30,000. If you weren’t a successful child star/”mogul,” you can just have a great-grandfather who invented the bagel or something.
  2. A potential addiction to drugs. If you really want to dress like an Olsen, you have to be sort of high all the time. When you pick out your outfit for the morning, take a hit from your bong or do a line of coke and say to yourself, “Let’s get koooookkkkyyy!” Sometimes I look at an outfit Mary-Kate is wearing and just say “She may be wearing Balenciaga but she’s also wearing coke, ya know what I mean?” Or I look at Ashley and say “Weed helped her…

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