Such a poignant story as I approach my 20th birthday!

Thought Catalog

Okay, you’re 20-something and you aren’t dead yet and also you can read. Congratulations, that’s better than most of the people who have ever been born. You’re kind of low-level winning already. But let’s be real, you’re still not building rocket ships or driving a Tesla Roadster or filling the passenger seats of your Tesla Roadster with giggling, scantily clad (male and/or female) models. You are not yet residing in Bruce Wayne’s mansion or traveling to Tokyo on business, and you certainly do not yet know how to use a katana (well). You do not own a bar that is modeled after the Bronze from Buffy, and, while we are on the topic of vampires, you do not yet sit on a throne in that bar all night whispering to your sexy man (or woman) servant like Eric from the first season of True Blood.

Fortunately, there are many…

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