Okay I know I am not the biggest fan of H&M. I am not the biggest fan of fast fashion in general. But what I am a fan of is H&M’s online “Try-On” function. Whilst shopping online you have the option to try clothes on models to see how they actually can look or be paired together. So What I did was create a mini look-book to show you some of my favorite outfits off of their website. Click through to enjoy!

Women's Wear Casual 1

Women’s Wear Casual 1


Women's Wear Casual 2

Women’s Wear Casual 2

Woman's Wear Casual 3

Women’s Wear Casual 3

Woman's Wear Business

Women’s Wear Business

Women's Wear Formal

Women’s Wear Formal

Mens Wear Business

Men’s Wear Business

Men's Wear Casual 1

Men’s Wear Casual 1

Men's Wear Casual 2

Men’s Wear Casual 2

Men's Wear Casual 3

Men’s Wear Casual 3

Men's Wear Formal

Men’s Wear Formal


H&M Spring/Summer Look Book Pt. 2

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