Watching a 92nd Street Y video of an interview of the famous fashion blogger Leandra Medine and the Editor-in-Chief of Jezebel. She had a really great thought on marriage and getting married. If you get a chance watch the entire video, it is very interesting! It has really made me think about a fear of marriage versus a fear of the future.

“The first year of marriage is hard. And then after that it gets really, really beautiful again. I think that the reason no one talks about how difficult getting married is, is because after you do it, you forget how hard it was on yourself โ€ฆ It’s a matter of you holding on to the past because it’s the only thing you’re certain of. You’re certain of two things in life. You’re certain you’re gunna die, and you’re certain of what’s behind you. Getting married is this sort of testament to this fear of the future.” – Leandra Medine


The Art of Man Repelling: Leandra Medine with Jessica Coen

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