Going Out with a Bang

Now when I booked myself a 4th trip to Temple Studios I had no idea that I would have such the experience. That’s the glory of a Punchdrunk production: you never really have any clue what is in store for you! I am quite happy that this was my final go. I leave the production behind me with questions left unanswered, things left unseen, and stories still untold. That’s the way it’s supposed to be after all! If you’ve figured everything out about it the show loses it’s mystique.

If will keep my recap very spoiler free, because being my very last film wrap up party at Temple Studios I would rather keep much of it to myself. These are the last images that will be engrained in my head forever.


I was fortunate enough to catch the first elevator inside, ending up at the town square. I strolled along marveling in the beauty of the set design. An entire town. They built an entire town inside an abandoned postal facility. That alone is mind blowing. You could spend hours wandering through psychic shops, diners, cinemas, grocery shops, and toy stores.

The people that inhabit this town are equally as fascinating. Ending my night by watching Mr. Tuttle was a great end cap to the whole thing. I will always wish I had been able to spend more time with him and been able to experience why he is so infamous.

I spent a solid amount of time lurking across the basement in search of and with Stanford. My time with before left me always wanting more. Seeing him through a complete loop is something that must be done. Samuel Booth is a fantastic actor, utterly terrifying and completely brilliant at the same time. While I was not bestowed a 1:1 from him, we had several interactions throughout the loop. I became his sort of sidekick. And he was rather intrigued by my golden triangle necklace, with a hole in the middle. He played with it while he told me all about why people watch pictures like The Drowned Man. He told me that he was going to blow the whole thing sky high and to always make sure I was recording. A perfect way to spend the core of the show.

As far as my start, The Fool was great way to start it off. He is quite the observer, always watching everything unfold, but forever unable to intervene. He tries to help every character that crosses his path, but he never had success. Experiencing his 1:1 is something that will forever be so scarred in my brain. There are certain things that cannot be unseen. I will never know if what I saw was real or not. I would rather never want to know because answers lead to more questions.

It is tough to distinguish what is real and what is not inside Temple Studios. What happens inside is like a film reel that has gotten stuck, repeating it’s self over and over. Night after night. It’s inhabitants stuck in an endless rut. Although, film reels always have an end point. And one day the story of The Drowned Man at Temple studios will come to an end for good.

I am happy that I have able to witness such an extraordinary production. The stars aligned perfect that I was able to study abroad in England right as Punchdrunk made it’s momentous return to London. I am anxious to see what comes next for the company and can only hope that I am able to be there for it. Until then, I can never go home anymore.


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