Some YouTube Channels

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am obsessed with YouTube. I spend a large portion of my day on the internets second most popular search engine. I watch comedic videos, news, vloggers, gaming channels, informative videos, etc etc etc. I thought it would be beneficial to collect up some of my current favorite YouTube channels for everyones viewing enjoyment. For today I bring you my first three channels. They appear in no particular order, just as I write them down.

#HotMessMoves ย – They are a fairly new channel in the grand scheme of things but have learned from many of their predecessors, the Grace Helbig’s and Hannah Hart’s of the world, and are quickly gaining quite a lot of popularity. Their short yet extremely funny videos are for the dosage of a much needed laugh twice weekly.

Mametown – Speaking of Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, it wouldn’t be a YouTube post if I didn’t mention the third member of the YouTube Holy Trinity, Mamrie Hart. While she has no relation to the aforementioned Hart she has considerable fame stemming from her successful channel “You Deserve A Drink.” She has now created Mametown, a second channel to focus on more creative and alternative effort. After the success of the Camp Takota, the movie she both wrote and co-starred in, there is nothing but more comedy headed our way on this channel.

The Art Assignmentย – The Art Assignment is a funducational channel about all different types of art. Each episode features an interview with an out-of-the-box artist and features a challenge for viewers to go out into the world and create that art. It is produced by PBS Digital Studios and hosted by curator Sarah Green (wife of famed writer/nerd/vlog brother John Green).


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