Why Are Brand Influencers Such A Big Deal?

In early June, the fashion industry was shocked to learn that some of the world’s most famous fashion bloggers were earning six-figure salaries. Women’s Wear Daily published an article revealing the salaries of these bloggers. Digital influencers of the highest caliber, like menswear blogger Bryan Boy or lifestyle writer Leandra Medine, can command around $50,000 for a single event appearance and $5,000 for just one sponsored Instagram posting.

So why is it that they can expect to be paid such high amounts of money? What in fact is a “digital influencer”? Why should we pay attention to them? And, most importantly, how does one capitalize on this trend?…………

Want to learn more? I wrote this blog post originally over on Insights: The EGC Blog. I have been working their as their social media intern with one of the most amazing digital teams on Long Island. I will do a formal write-up on my experiences with them in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy this and their many other delightfully informative blog posts!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.23.59 PM


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