5 Tips for Teens on Social Media

It’s official: I AM OLD! Millennial’s are at the point where they have radio stations classifying Britney Spears as “oldies” and half of the new apps, platforms, and technologies are meant for our teenage siblings. They use social media platforms that I will never understand or even think about using.

Teenagers were born in the time where the Internet was in a majority of homes and cell phones came with LED screens and smart technologies. They are natives to the digital world. But navigating the world wide web is hard to accomplish when you are figuring out who you are as a teenager. Here are some things to do, and things to not do in order to minimize the skeletons in your digital webs:

  • Do not share your phone number publicly. Do not comment on an Instagram photo asking someone to text your number. That number can be seen publicly by anyone, regardless of whether or not profile’s are private. This is any easy way for anyone who wishes you harm to get in contact with you.


  • Funerals are a time for mourning and respect. Regardless of whether or not you know the person whose life is being commemorated, at funeral is not the appropriate time to take selfies. If you wish to publicly commemorate a person whom you have lost try sharing an old picture of you and the person.


  • This is something that is not exclusive to teenagers: watch out for grammar mistakes. You may only have 140 characters to send in a Tweet, but you still can speak in proper English. A school in Brazil has taken to teaching their students the English language by having them correct celebrity tweets.


  • Don’t be vain. I’m sure all of your followers appreciate your “strong selfie game” but it makes you look bad if you share dozens of them a day. Everyone understands you love your new haircut or outfit, but you don’t need to tell us 12 times about it.


  • Be careful when you tag or check-in at a location on social media. People can see what location you are in and can come and find you. Instagram and Facebook both have mapping features that let friends or followers see where you are. They can track you and follow you if they want. If you want to tag a location, hold off until you have already left the place you were at.

Social media can be a fun form of self-expression and identity. Just make sure you do not do things that can hurt you in the present or future. Keep your digital ghost safe and clean.


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