Album Review – 1989 by Taylor Swift

Taylor_Swift_-_1989In a year of dismal album releases and sales (nothing has grabbed the music industry’s attention since Beyonce’s self-titled gift to us in November of 2013), Taylor Swift descended from the heavens to deliver us the gift that is 1989. 

Released on October 27th, 2014, her fifth studio album exited the country music world and transitioned Swift into the full-fledged pop princess that we all deserve. With mega-producer Max Martin and Fun front-man Jack Antonoff at the helm this album is an engineered success. With lead singles “Shake It Off,” “Out of the Woods,” and “Blank Space” she debuts a sassy new attitude to both her critics and her ex’s.

But this is far more than just a catchy up-tempo pop album. This is a shift in the universe and one of the best celebrity marketing campaigns in 2014.

Swift is an engineered media mogul and there is nothing wrong with that. She is now the Queen of Tumblr, taking over the website for a day sharing her favorite images with the social media community. She was named NYC’s Global Welcome Ambassador promoting education in New York City public schools. COULD SHE BE ANY MORE PERFECT?!

The debate isn’t about album being great or not. It was built to sell 1.278 million albums in just one week. What this is about is how a team of people can reinvent the image of a country music angel into the sassy pop idol that we now love.

The best part about this is that we have no idea we are being sold on something. Her team is functioning so effortlessly that you don’t even know that it’s happening. All we see is that it is Taylor Swift’s world and we are just living in it!


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