HPU Communications Week

The High Point University Nido R. Qubein School of Communications hosted their annual Communications Week. A week jam packed with events, banquets, presentations, and even some class-required lectures. With 11 scheduled events, the department was bustling with quests and opportunities to hear new schools of thought.

International event planner, Nathalie Cadet-James

On Monday, Miami event planner Nathalie Cadet-James, helped to kick off the week’s festivities with a presentation on her career. Former student of HPU professor Shannon Campbell, she set her sights on wedding planning and corporate events, after a successful law career. Her company, Luxe-Fete, handles international events with clients ranging from Donna Karan International to Christian Dior fragrances.

She credits her revolutionary ideas and determination for her success. Her mantra is to, “Organize, plan, and be prepared.” She always says to have a larger goal in mind; for her this is giving back to her native country of Haiti. While being both humorous and impactful, she imparted on the audience her best advice.

She proclaimed the value of marketing, without that there is no business. Also, she talked herself as a brand, because we control who we are and what we want to project. She even talked about fine details like making sure you get the exact Pantone colors from your clients, so your marketing materials are not off from what they expect.

“As I am looking for a job she reminds me to stay focused on your overarching goals and to stay true to yourself,” said HPU senior Whitney Yount. While on her career hunt, Yount heeded the careful advice of the event planner. She will always remember where she came from, while thinking about the big picture.

First Amendment Forum, panel discussion

On Wednesday, right in the middle of COM Week, students gathered in the Plato S. Wilson School of Commerce ballroom to hear a panel on the ever-changing meaning of the First Amendment in today’s society. On the panel: Dean of HPU’s School of Communications Dr. Wilfred Tremblay, HPU media law professor Dr. Dean Smith, HPU philosophy professor Dr. Matthew Brophy, and UNC Chapel Hill journalism professor Joseph Cabosky. The panel was moderated by Media Fellow, and Lambda Pi Eta president, John Marsicano.

While covering a range of hot topics from marijuana advertisements to “sexting” or Yik Yak, the panel of educated thinkers debated the First Amendment vitalities surrounding the issues.

However, some of the fun did not pan down to the audience. “I felt like the moderator could have been a better host,” HPU student Sara Michael said, “he didn’t really moderate much of anything at all. And when he did speak, it was like the audience wasn’t even there.”

The 48 Hour Film Festival

To end the weeks events, the High Point Broadcasting Society hosted a 48-hour film festival. Six teams signed up during the week and met on Friday evening for the kick-off. The teams were given a set of criteria that they had to accomplish in order to be entered to win:

  • A lamp as a prop

  • A bed sheet sound effect

  • A line of dialogue

  • A randomly selected genre of film

“What makes it hard is the genre,” said HPBS president and festival host Michael Shield, “you have to get creative about how to create a thematic film in such a short time frame.” The short time frame was evident in some film submissions, come the screening on Sunday. The amateurish quality of the films gave them an endearing quality.

I was happy to see more events that relate to students. A week of talks and panels have little interests to the collegiate body. Instead other events like game marathons and the new We Are Comm presentations fabled well with students looking to get involved. The banquet and awards ceremony was good to show off student works, many of which they should be proud of.


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