Cheers to 2015!

WTF y’all?! 2015 is already over? Have I really been napping for that long? I swear I set an alarm!

Some serious shit has gone down this year, so lets review:

  • Can we talk about the fact that an institution of higher learning decided that I was worthy of receiving a degree to prove that my education is valid? Granted I bribed them with some serious coin, but they didn’t necessarily have to give me that diploma. Either way, it’s mine now and they CANNOT have it back.
  • I moved back home to New York. Okay, well I technically never moved away, but it was like I went on a super long four year vacation to North Carolina. But I am home now in the land of bagels, rude drivers, and good pizza. I do not plan on leaving any time soon (if someone could just mail me some sweet Tea that’d be great though).
  • Oh wait, you’re going to love this: Some group of adults actually thought I was competent enough to be considered a valuable addition to their team. They sat around and said, “He seems to know what he is doing. Let’s give him money on a regular basis so he can continue to do that for us.”

Just because some major things went down in 2015, doesn’t mean that I should just coast through 2016. And I figure if I write my resolutions down here, I might have to hold myself more accountable to them.

  • Move out of my family home into an apartment of my own. By “own” I mean an apartment that I will realistically share with 4 other people because the rent is just too damn high.
  • Ramp up this garbage bin of a Thought Catalog I call ‘My Blog’.
  • Try my hand at vlogging. ~Cue the 3-minute vlog intro~
  • Eat less things that are covered in batter and more things that come from the Earth.
  • I’ve heard about this new trend called Working Out, so I might as well join the herd and start that up.
  • On the realest note: make more time for keeping old friends and making new ones.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to force a playlist or some music on you, so here’s my 2015 hits list! These lift up your mood, get you to dance, and can help you get through the year ahead.


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