Cheers to 2015!

WTF y’all?! 2015 is already over? Have I really been napping for that long? I swear I set an alarm!

Some serious shit has gone down this year, so lets review:

  • Can we talk about the fact that an institution of higher learning decided that I was worthy of receiving a degree to prove that my education is valid? Granted I bribed them with some serious coin, but they didn’t necessarily have to give me that diploma. Either way, it’s mine now and they CANNOT have it back.
  • I moved back home to New York. Okay, well I technically never moved away, but it was like I went on a super long four year vacation to North Carolina. But I am home now in the land of bagels, rude drivers, and good pizza. I do not plan on leaving any time soon (if someone could just mail me some sweet Tea that’d be great though).
  • Oh wait, you’re going to love this: Some group of adults actually thought I was competent enough to be considered a valuable addition to their team. They sat around and said, “He seems to know what he is doing. Let’s give him money on a regular basis so he can continue to do that for us.”

Just because some major things went down in 2015, doesn’t mean that I should just coast through 2016. And I figure if I write my resolutions down here, I might have to hold myself more accountable to them.

  • Move out of my family home into an apartment of my own. By “own” I mean an apartment that I will realistically share with 4 other people because the rent is just too damn high.
  • Ramp up this garbage bin of a Thought Catalog I call ‘My Blog’.
  • Try my hand at vlogging. ~Cue the 3-minute vlog intro~
  • Eat less things that are covered in batter and more things that come from the Earth.
  • I’ve heard about this new trend called Working Out, so I might as well join the herd and start that up.
  • On the realest note: make more time for keeping old friends and making new ones.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to force a playlist or some music on you, so here’s my 2015 hits list! These lift up your mood, get you to dance, and can help you get through the year ahead.


#10in10 – Nashville, TN

For fall break three friends and I decided to go on a road trip through 10 states in 10 days, stopping in a few big cities along the way. We posted up for a night in Asheville, NC, before continuing on our way to Nashville, TN, for two nights. Here is a video of what our stay in Nashville was like!

Rant of the Week: When Will This Atrocity End?


The days of shopping for decent quality clothing at reasonable, but not necessarily low, prices in department stores seem to have occured in a bygone era. Despite being the *bastion* of the 1990’s – it may as well have been the 1950’s. The only real difference between the 90’s and the 50’s is that it’s OK to be nostalgic about the 50’s.

In the 2000’s the fast fashion (H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, etc.) craze, already rampant in Europe, was discovered and devoured by the United States. The looks that walked the runways in Paris, Milan, and London, found themselves in Zara and H&M weeks later for the price of exactly 1/5th of a Balenciaga sweater sleeve.

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Outfit of the Week

Okay so I’m going to start this new kind of thing where I post a new outfit of mine every week. I’ll dissect it’s different pieces, and why I chose them, or just talk about the pieces in general. I’ll make this an every Thursday thing, because well I can. This is largely because I am trying to force myself to dress up more  now, because I am starting to fall into that classic college sweats mode. Its out of sheer laziness, and waking up at 6:30 AM every day.

It’s so tough to dress up a lot, because money is scarce to say the least. Thats why I look to combine more expensive pieces with cheap ones. ANYWHO, click through to see my first outfit that I wore this past Sunday.
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Why Single People Are More Interesting Than People In Couples

Jay Gabler collected a witty set of reasons why it’s far more interesting to be single than in a relationship, over on a website called The Tangential. I am in no way demeaning the concept of being in a relationship, for it is something that is both beautiful, magical, and romantic at the same time. That being said, his list is highly accurate, and perfectly explains why I am not a relationship type of person. Enjoy!!

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