Cheers to 2015!

WTF y’all?! 2015 is already over? Have I really been napping for that long? I swear I set an alarm!

Some serious shit has gone down this year, so lets review:

  • Can we talk about the fact that an institution of higher learning decided that I was worthy of receiving a degree to prove that my education is valid? Granted I bribed them with some serious coin, but they didn’t necessarily have to give me that diploma. Either way, it’s mine now and they CANNOT have it back.
  • I moved back home to New York. Okay, well I technically never moved away, but it was like I went on a super long four year vacation to North Carolina. But I am home now in the land of bagels, rude drivers, and good pizza. I do not plan on leaving any time soon (if someone could just mail me some sweet Tea that’d be great though).
  • Oh wait, you’re going to love this: Some group of adults actually thought I was competent enough to be considered a valuable addition to their team. They sat around and said, “He seems to know what he is doing. Let’s give him money on a regular basis so he can continue to do that for us.”

Just because some major things went down in 2015, doesn’t mean that I should just coast through 2016. And I figure if I write my resolutions down here, I might have to hold myself more accountable to them.

  • Move out of my family home into an apartment of my own. By “own” I mean an apartment that I will realistically share with 4 other people because the rent is just too damn high.
  • Ramp up this garbage bin of a Thought Catalog I call ‘My Blog’.
  • Try my hand at vlogging. ~Cue the 3-minute vlog intro~
  • Eat less things that are covered in batter and more things that come from the Earth.
  • I’ve heard about this new trend called Working Out, so I might as well join the herd and start that up.
  • On the realest note: make more time for keeping old friends and making new ones.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to force a playlist or some music on you, so here’s my 2015 hits list! These lift up your mood, get you to dance, and can help you get through the year ahead.


Album Review – 1989 by Taylor Swift

Taylor_Swift_-_1989In a year of dismal album releases and sales (nothing has grabbed the music industry’s attention since Beyonce’s self-titled gift to us in November of 2013), Taylor Swift descended from the heavens to deliver us the gift that is 1989. 

Released on October 27th, 2014, her fifth studio album exited the country music world and transitioned Swift into the full-fledged pop princess that we all deserve. With mega-producer Max Martin and Fun front-man Jack Antonoff at the helm this album is an engineered success. With lead singles “Shake It Off,” “Out of the Woods,” and “Blank Space” she debuts a sassy new attitude to both her critics and her ex’s.

But this is far more than just a catchy up-tempo pop album. This is a shift in the universe and one of the best celebrity marketing campaigns in 2014.

Swift is an engineered media mogul and there is nothing wrong with that. She is now the Queen of Tumblr, taking over the website for a day sharing her favorite images with the social media community. She was named NYC’s Global Welcome Ambassador promoting education in New York City public schools. COULD SHE BE ANY MORE PERFECT?!

The debate isn’t about album being great or not. It was built to sell 1.278 million albums in just one week. What this is about is how a team of people can reinvent the image of a country music angel into the sassy pop idol that we now love.

The best part about this is that we have no idea we are being sold on something. Her team is functioning so effortlessly that you don’t even know that it’s happening. All we see is that it is Taylor Swift’s world and we are just living in it!

Top 10 Looks of the 2014 Grammy Awards

The Grammy’s aired last night and they did not disappoint! From Beyoncé and Jay  Z’s sensual opening to Katy Perry’s bewitching performance to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ love filled weddings, there were plenty of moments to keep us entertained. As usual the fashion did not disappoint; every star pulled out all the stops. I collected together my Top 10 Favorite Looks from the evening for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to let me know in the comments below who you think was best dressed!

The Grammy Awards Past

With the 56th Grammy Awards ceremony coming up, on January 26th to be exact, I thought today would be the perfect time to take a look at some of the best moments from the previous years awards show. With everything from best dressed to craziest moments the Grammy Awards never disappoint.

Best Performance #3.  Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, and P!nk – “Lady Marmalade” (2001). A hit song for a hit movie performed by hit women. This was the single most female empowering performance of the modern generation. It was absurd, controversial, and absolutely amazing in every way. It boosted several careers and will be remembered for the longest time.

Best Acceptance Speech. Amy Winehouse (2008). It was so refreshing to see someone just so shocked by their win. Artists frequently claim that they are speechless, but they never have the amount of sheer dumbfounded shock that Winehouse had. Very inspiring!

Best Tribute. Jennifer Hudson (2012). Having just found out that Whitney Houston passed away a mere few days before she was set to make her Grammys return, Jennifer Hudson put together one of the most touching tributes of the modern era. The poignancy still rings through to this day. The Oscar winners legendary voice was the most perfect fit for saying goodbye to one of the most iconic voices of our time. Houston will be missed for a long time. It is to be noted that Michael Jackson’s tribute is similarly amazing.

Best Dressed Woman. Jennifer Lopez (2000). This has easily become one of the most iconic Grammy gowns of all time. The plunging green Versace gown is known by anyone and everyone who appreciates fashion and entertainment. Every fashion moment since then, including Lady Gaga’s meat dress from the VMA’s, has been trying to match this look.

Best Performance #2. Tina Turner and Beyoncé – “Proud Mary” (2008). The most powerful African American women of the past and present united for this killer performance. Turner proves she’s still got it, while Beyonce reminds us that she is still the queen. There has never been a performance that showed the unbridled power that they both have. Their dance moves are killer!

Best Entrance. Lady Gaga in an egg on the Red Carpet (2011). Everyone knew Lady Gaga was going to take the stage with her debut performance of her hit song “Born this Way,” but know one knew she was going to actually be born. The entire red carpets focus was on her egg and whether or not she was actually in it or not! A true moment!

Best Performance #1. P!nk – “Glitter in the Air” (2010).  P!nk is a world class performer that much is obvious. Her unparalleled vocals along with her circus quality of performance prove that she is a sheer icon. She was always known for controversy, but now she is known for her art. This performance shows she has grown up both musically and physically. Her performance of “Try” at the AMA’s is equally amazing!

As for this coming Grammys? I am particularly excited to see Beyoncé and Jay Z perform together. I am hopeful that Sara Bareilles wins every award she is nominated for. I am anxious to see what Lady Gaga wears on the red carpet, given all her recent work with Versace (maker of the aforementioned green dress). I hope everyone tunes in with me on Sunday to enjoy the experience. I will be live tweeting the ceremony from @KyleJBerube and will post a fashion review, in the days following the event, on this blog.

Best Albums of 2013

I present to you, the reader, my top 10 countdown of the best albums that were released last year. It was REALLY difficult to narrow down the hundreds of albums that were produced in order to pick my favorites. There were several that unfortunately had to be left out. The 10 I picked accurately depicted my overall favorites. I would do another post about my favorite songs, but they are all from these albums anyway, so there is no point! Enjoy this though!

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2013 American Music Awards Fashion

Here are my favorite looks from the 2013 American Music Awards in no particular order. The women of the music industry classed it up this year, and there were no shocking or jarring outfits for me to hate! Oh well! There’s always next year!

What I’m Listening to.

There is so much good music circulating around at the moment, that I feel it is so absolutely necessary to cover some of the music that I can’t get out of my head. The list of songs is in no particular order, just how it comes to my head.I am always on the look out for some new music, so if there is anything you feel that I just have to be listening to, just let me know in the comments below.

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Album Review: O’Farrell Street by Shoshana Bean

ImageWith the aid of the most glorious fundraising place in the world,, Shoshana Bean was able to release her sophomore album entitled O’Farrell Street. Former Broadway star, of shows like Hairspray and Wicked, Bean has returned to her roots of R&B and Soul. The album has 10 songs on it, including her promotional singles Blood From A Stone and Runnin’ Out of Days. Thanks to over 430 backer s, myself included, she was able to raise $28,700 for the creation of the album. This all was encouraged through generous rewards like: early downloads of the album, tickets to release concerts, Skype conversations, voice lessons, and even private in-home concerts. After the jump I am going to review each song on the album, upon its first two listens!

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